September 7th FTC Funeral Rule Event Agenda
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September 7th FTC Funeral Rule Event Agenda

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be hosting a Funeral Rule event on September 7th to inform funeral industry professionals about the latest updates and requirements related to the Funeral Rule. The event will cover a range of topics that are important for funeral providers to understand in order to comply with the regulations and provide consumers with transparent and fair pricing information.

One of the key topics on the agenda is the requirement for funeral providers to provide consumers with a General Price List (GPL) that outlines the costs of the various goods and services offered by the funeral home. This is a crucial aspect of the Funeral Rule, as it ensures that consumers have access to clear and comprehensive pricing information to make informed decisions during a difficult time.

Additionally, the event will cover the requirements for providing itemized statements of goods and services selected by the consumer, as well as the prohibition on misrepresentations about the legal or memorial service requirements. Funeral providers will also receive guidance on compliance with the requirement to provide pricing information over the phone and for distribution of pricing information to consumers.

The FTC funeral Rule event will also provide an opportunity for industry professionals to ask questions and receive clarification on any aspects of the Funeral Rule that may be unclear. This interactive session will ensure that funeral providers have a comprehensive understanding of their obligations under the regulations and how to effectively communicate pricing information to consumers.

Overall, the September 7th FTC Funeral Rule event offers a valuable opportunity for funeral industry professionals to stay updated on the latest requirements and best practices for compliance. By attending the event, funeral providers can ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to provide consumers with transparent and fair pricing information during their time of need.